In 2014 the independent Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment published a report critical of the environmental oversight and regulation of drilling for oil and gas  recommending the Minister for the Environment develop a National Policy Statement to give clear direction to local authorities; allow for public involvement; and develop technical and environmental standards. This has not occurred.

 From 2016 South Taranaki District Council, Stratford District Council and New Plymouth District Council are reviewing their District Plans including the oil and gas rules.  Taranaki Regional Council deferred their review of the proposed Regional Freshwater and Land Management Plan for Taranaki from 2015 to 2020. These plans contain policies and rules relating to oil and gas.

In the absence of national oil and gas rules, Taranaki Energy Watch are working towards getting stronger regulations on the oil and gas industries through the regional and district plan processes. We have a comprehensive panel of experts, including a chemical engineer specializing in the use of hazardous substances, an  emissions expert, a RMA planner and legal counsel. These experts support robust rules for oil and gas exploration and production.

You are welcome to read TEW’s legal and expert submissions to the hearing on the South Taranaki District Plan. We regularly provide information to people on matters relating to oil and gas.We welcome donations towards the cost of  our experts which you can send through here.