Hydraulic fracturing

Fracking is controversial. It has been described as enabling the expansion of the oil and gas industry. There are outright bans in some countries and moratoriums in others. There are state-wide and council opposition.


France’s constitutional council upheld the ban on fracking in 2013. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland voted against fracking in 2014and  2015. In New York State in the USA fracking was banned in 2014 citing health risks. The local city council banned fracking in Christchurch New Zealand . This is just a few examples of what is occurring world-wide.

Methane leaks

Methane has been leaking from an underground gas storage field at Aliso Canyon in Southern California. More than 2,500 families have been temporarily located. There are fugitive methane leaks reported to be greater than Aliso Canyon in the oil and gas producing regions of Utah, Colorado and Texas.

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The first underground gas storage facility in New Zealand is located in the old Ahuroa gas field east of Stratford.  The Company reported dangerous occurrences to the High Hazard Unit which included two fires at the installation in 2014. The draft Taranaki Regional Council Regional Plan proposes underground gas storage is permitted, not requiring resource consent.